Podcast – Life Coach Jam: Insights & Tips on Life | Love | Body

with Weight Loss Coach for Women + Marriage & Relationship Specialist

Think Like You Mean It. Love Your Life On Purpose.

Co-hosted by Life Coaches:


The Life Coach Jam Podcast is a great way to have some “always-uplifting-occasionally-laugh-out-loud-girl-time” when you are commuting, on the treadmill or have a few minutes to slip way and join us as we peel the onion of life and and ask meaningful questions, discuss powerful thoughts and have loads of fun as we learn from each other while we teach our listeners to manage their minds.

Topics we discuss on the show include:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Creating Your Day
  • Transforming Your Relationship to Time
  • Weight Loss and what it means to be your natural weight
  • Relationships (particularly how to have awesome ones!)
  • What we learned from Oprah
  • Loving your X on Purpose – no, not your Ex, your X as in your job, your life, your weight, your body – whatever your X is…we will probably talk about it.

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Here is Episode One: