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CJ Blaquera

Weight Loss & Law of Attraction Specialist

I’m CJ Blaquera (CJCoaches.com), creator of the free Law of Attraction e-Course, Vitamin C: Vitamins for your Vibe, and I know that it is a particular kind of hell to live in a body you’re at war with, knowing that the enemy is within and being on both sides of the battlefield.

I have called a halt to losing weight at all costs just for quick, temporary, fleeting results. Done. End of story. Never doing that again. Period. I require that my path be peaceful, sustainable and permanent because doing it any other way is just too painful.

I enjoy the challenging, exhilarating and exciting work of helping smart, soulful women become the deliberate creators of their own lives and attract their natural weight peacefully and permanently.

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Maggie Reyes

Life Coach & Relationship Specialist

I’m Maggie Reyes, and I believe working with a life coach is like having a Personal Trainer for your mind. Just like a trainer can help you mold your muscles and keep you on track to reach the physical goals you set for yourself, a Life Coach can help you mold your life from flabby and disappointing to strong and fierce.

I have created a marriage that inspires and fuels me and I can teach you how to be happier in your own marriage and in your daily life by using easy tools to answer hard questions and develop mindsets that bring you back to the deep joy that lives inside you – even if it’s currently buried under a mountain of To-Dos and I cant’s.

If you are married and stuck in a routine, where you have lost touch with the passion and connection you crave, I know that no matter what kind of relationship you are in right now, you can fall back in love with your life. To learn how to live a life you love with the love of your life, meet me on the blog at http://modernmarried.com.

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